We have taken over 20 years experience, knowledge, and determination to work with us, we always move forward to be one step ahead in the sector; We progress to lead with our contemporary and dynamic structure.
Aiming to be the best with a customer-oriented working strategy, giving importance to natural resources, remembering that development is based on creating resources, making business ethics and honesty as a must have condition, and being a world player with the awareness that gives strength to our company are our basic principles.

With our experience and cumulative knowledge, we are constantly working to be a sought-after, trusted, and confiding partner.

In order to be the best and long-term in the sector, Rades Global Limited will move forward to become a global company with its customer-oriented perspective, understanding of honesty and business ethics.


To produce, to create values, to provide quality service all of these are indispensable for our dignity, respectability, and continuity.

The principles of business ethics form the basis of our business life.


We are determined to continue our activities and relations by adhering to the laws, ethical values, and moral rules in all our activities.

The principles of business ethics form the basis of our business life.

We believe that it is one of the greatest legacies, our honest working principle, we will leave to the next generations.