Project Consultancy

This service, also referred as ‘Project Cycle Management’ by the European Union, is a consultancy service covering the stages of determining the project idea, making a situation analysis, preparing a business plan, finding financing or resources, implementing, executing, monitoring, and evaluating the project. In other words, it is a project management approach that aims at quality, efficiency, and effectiveness in the best way, from the idea stage to the completion of the project.

Foreign Trade Consultancy

The main goal of foreign trade consultancy is to provide a sustainable export service by bringing together companies engaged in production and sales in different sectors with buyers in the right foreign markets.

With our belief that the right product will find its value in the right target market, we remove the obstacles in front of you for international trade together with our worldwide network of connections and our market intelligence and research methodology.


Financial Analysis

Investment consulting/advisory

In our changing world, we provide support to businesses that need to make more accurate and informed decisions in strategic capital and corporate finance management. We develop the most accurate strategy with our partners who have proven their reliability in the international scope; also, we focus on the most important issues and develop the most accurate solutions for you.

Institutions or organizations want to increase productivity as much as possible for reasons such as reducing costs, increasing profitability, providing competitive advantage, or increasing quality.

The effective and adequate use of resources, workforce, time, and labour is only possible by making a due diligence with the help of various analyses, eliminating the deficiencies, and correcting the mistakes.

Whatever risk understanding you have; you are no longer alone in the investment markets with Rades Global Limited. We invite you to meet our investment advisory service and investment solutions, based on our quarter-century of experience and strong domestic capital structure.

Our investment advisory department shares its comments and recommendations with you on money and capital market instruments and the companies and institutions that issue them, in line with your risk profile and return targets, and does not leave you alone when making your investment decisions.

Services we provide within the scope of our investment advisory service:

  • Determining your risk and return preferences,
  • Preparing asset allocation and recommendations in line with your risk profile,
  • Sharing opinions and recommendations about the markets with a wide range of reports on a daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual basis,
  • Creating model investment portfolios and following these portfolios closely and providing instant updates according to changing market conditions.

If you cannot decide how to evaluate your savings, our investment advisory department with our expert and experienced team is always with you with different investment alternatives.

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